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    VetApprovedRx Dr. Barry Miller, DVM – Chief Executive Officer

    The founder of VetApprovedRx, is known as a trusted Veterinarian in his community where he has provided veterinary care for over 16 years. He is known for providing affordable. High quality care that allows pet owners the ability to care for the pets they love. Dr. Miller has taken the time to enhance his veterinary skills to include ophthalmology. Small animal diseases and specialized in many facets of small animal surgery. He is the current owner of 2 dogs. One cat and a very big guinea pig. He still practices and performs surgery.

  • To provide only high quality pet medications, foods and other supplies at affordable prices. If we don’t believe in a product, we don’t sell it.
  • To optimize your ability to care for your pet’s needs by providing accessibility to an experienced and licensed veterinarian.
  • To ensure your pet’s health by supporting your Veterinarian who provides the necessary hands-on care that a general online pet medication site cannot provide.

    What Makes Us Different from Other Online Pet Medication Sites?

    We want to support your relationship with your Veterinarian.
    Many pet medication sites are not provided by Veterinarians but by Pharmacists.

    We feel the Veterinarians that have served in their communities for many years are greatly affected by this shift in their profession.
    Dr. Miller wanted to create a pet medication site that would support the very important relationship between Veterinarian and Pet Owner. You must understand what there saying to you and like the way they are to you and your pet.
     VetApprovedRx values our customers and we promise to do our best to ensure you a great shopping experience. Here we know you love your pets and we care. Were here to help with any question you have. No other site will be there for you like us. we know it all have it all.
    We will price match on any FDA and EPA approved pet medication, contact us at for further details. We will beat any price. Comes right to your door so easy the best. You have too don’t wait you’ll love this.VetApprovedRx-logo