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By offering this product on the Internet we are able to pass significant savings on to our clients. We boast the best rates in the industry.

Mexico Insurance Services, Inc. a California Corporation operating under authority of the California Department of Insurance since 2003, holds the following licenses:

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We operate a family of websites that offer Tourist auto insurance for Mexico, exclusively on the Internet. Our most popular sites include www.MexInsure.uswhich is our first presence on the Internet launched in 2003

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MexInsurance Affords You the Legal Protection and Coverage You Need to Drive in Mexico.

We are an exclusive broker of online Mexican insurance and are a brokerage offering insurance solutions from Qualitas, one of Mexico’s leading insurers.

If you intend on driving your car, truck, RV, or even your motorcycle into Mexico you will need vehicle insurance. Your domestic motor vehicle insurance policy won’t cross the border with you but you must have legal coverage. Procuring Mexican auto insurance affords you the safeguards of liability insurance, the legal minimum drivers are required to have, and also the comprehensive coverage you need to protect you and your vehicle.

Your protection is the hallmark of our business.

Our non-resident vehicle insurance for Mexico travels with you wherever you drive from the border towns to the tourist towns and through all the country’s vast interior filled with the scenic attractions Mexico is celebrated for throughout the world. Driving to Mexico is the perfect way to check them out so long as you drive with reliable coverage for your vehicle.

Proof of insurance in Mexico is essential for operating a vehicle in every region. Drivers should always carry proof of their Mexico insurance to meet the legal requirements of the nation. Moreover, for your own protection, it’s essential to choose a reputable insurance provider like Mexinsurance that has become the trusted name in online insurance policies. No need to wait in long lines at the border for procuring an expensive policy; with us you can take your time while browsing through our plans listed conveniently online and generate a quote.

Why are our policies so affordable in comparison to many other insurance companies?

Because we sell exclusively online, we are able to save our clients considerably on the comprehensive policies they need to drive in Mexico with peace of mind and full legal coverage.

Though based in San Diego, our convenient platform allows any domestic driver to easily obtain their vehicle insurance before making the trek across the border. Our website allows you to quickly obtain a quote while our customer service staff is at the ready to assist you with questions or any help you may need during the quote process. You’ll discover that purchasing Mexico insurance online is the best solution for obtaining coverage for your trek across the border.

Are you crossing the Mexico border and Baja-bound or planning an excursion in one of the renowned border towns?

Once you obtain your insurance, you can begin to explore the immense beauty that is so abundant in Mexico.

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