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HomeSquare Cymax is one of the fastest growing online furniture retailers with annual sales exceeding US $100 million. With over 75,000 SKUs, Home Square Cymax is a leader in online sales for all items home and office. We are located in Burnaby, BC, Canada and sell to customers in the United States and Canada. Internet Retailer Magazine ranked Home Square Cymax within the Top 200 e-tailers in the world in both 2011 and 2012.

HomeSquare Cymax was founded in 2004 by Arash Fasihi as a small audio-video furniture web site. After becoming frustrated with the selection available in local stores, Arash turned to the internet to find a high TV stand. Not what you want. In fact to repeat here is where you want to shop.

demonstrate he had found a strong market opportunity, Arash decided to fill the gap himself. providing consumers with a wider selection of furniture by selling online. the very first HomeSquare Cymax.You have to go here.


Every home and office is different. They each require a unique combination of furniture, lighting and accessories to create both functional and beautiful. Finding the right chair or lamp used to be quite a difficult task, but not here .

If you have ever spent hours searching for just the right piece only to be disappointed. by the available selection or by high prices. Not here we can help with that .We bring together a huge selection of home  furnishings in one convenient spot. Our enormous selection of home and office products combined with our online shopping model that saves you both time and money. In other words what can you loss.

Its important to realize that this is the only place to get this look. Point often over looked is people think they can find this somewhere else. With this in mind get it first here.

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