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Gifted & Talented – Extraordinary Kids


The Future of Mathematics is Here

gifted and talented is the culmination of 25 years of research at Stanford University. With our K-7 math course students can: Expressly significantly help your child.

  • Advance 2+ grade levels
  • Use math to tackle real-world problems in STEM careers
  • Experience personalized learning with an adaptive curriculum


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We know that every student learns differently. That’s why our course has multiple instructional methods. Explore a sample math lesson, math game and STEM project. Check below as an illustration. By all means seeing is the point.

Sample Math Lesson after all these work

gifted and talented

Sample Math Game

Under ConstructionThis is a 3rd-4th grade example. For math games at other grade levels, explore our Challenge Zone. Different from the rest.

Sample STEM Project

gifted and talented

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