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Evil customized controllers for gamers

Email Testiomonials:

Name:J Clarke.

Hey there, So i just got my controller today and it is unreal, you guys did an amazing job, it works great, feels great, and looks great. Bravo to you all for this amazing product, you have earned yourself another customer because i will 100% be ordering more controllers


Name: Atwell H.

I only ordered day before yesterday and my controller was shipped today. FANTASTIC. I am happy, brand X never replied to my inquiries. I feel much smarter for choosing Evil. Thanks for your patience with all my questions. I am going to post everywhere with pics to advertise your product and service. Will order a hat soon, lol.


Name:Eric S.

You are the best site I have been to. It’s usually a pain to get in touch with people, you offer it right off the bat. Microsoft could learn a lesson from you. XD

Name:David B.

Just wanted to drop a note saying that I am enjoying the new controller. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase one sooner.

I’ve got two people interested in purchasing a controller and working on a third. It’s tough though, part of me wants to keep this a secret so I can enjoy my advantage. However, I can’t help but to spread the word to my friends so that they can also improve their gaming experience.

Thanks again for a quality product and experience