Doodle Pants Baby & Toddlers Wardrobes

Doodle Pants

  • You can laugh or you can cry.

    I love being a mom. Really I do … well, most of the time.

    You can cry or you can laugh. But it’s a lot easier to do the latter when the object of your ultimate-joy/crushing-despair has a skateboarding dinosaur on his or her little butt. Or as my mother used to say to me, “It’s a good thing you’re cute.”

    And we like to think our Standard of Cute is pretty sky-high here. We wanted your baby to get all the attention. We wanted to design clothes that would make your life easier, too: Leggings cut to fit over cloth diapers, shirts minus that scratchy tag babies hate, super cozy hooded bath towels, and bodysuits with easy on/off snaps.

    ‘Cause here’s the thing: Soon enough they won’t let you dress them, but right now you have all the power. Why not amuse yourself a little?

 Have to come see all the new styles in store. Come take a look. Here