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Cat Furniture Solutions for Apartments and Small SpacesCat Furniture Solutions for Apartments and Small Spaces

CatsPlay offers cat furniture solutions for apartment dwellers with limited available space. Compact cat trees and  wall mounted cat climbing systems.  A great solution for small spaces. And are becoming more and more popular among cat owners. Cats have a natural love of being up high and being able to survey their surroundings.  Wall mounted cat shelves.  wall mounted cat condos arranged on a wall in tiered or well-thought-out manner. Can allow your cats to be up high and have a place to lounge. Without taking up valuable floor space!

CatsPlay makes pampering your cat fun! Our mission is to be the “definitive web destination for cats the the owners who spoil them”. You’ll find the web’s best selection of custom made and pre-manufactured cat furniture – all in one location!


CatsPlay has been in operation since 2002, and is one of the most well-known destinations on the web for cat furniture.  CatsPlay is owned and operated by Brian Bettar.  Brian has been in the business of manufacturing cat furniture since 1985 under the name Seventh Heaven Pet Supplies.  You can’t stay in business that long without a quality product.   Binx, pictured right, is our resident cat expert.  He’s a gorgeous flame point Siamese with a definite penchant for misbehaving!

The Cat Furniture Superstore

Fun and functional, our huge selecton of customized, quality cat furniture provides cat lovers with a wide ranges of choices that are affordable. We offer you products from leaders in the cat furniture industry

With our wide range of heights, different choices of tops and great designs we have a cat house or cat play gym for even the pickiest of cats and their friends. Don’t take our word for it, read our customer reviews orlike us on Facebook to view photos from our many happy customers from over the years.

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