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STANDARD Bump Key Set – 11 Keys

STANDARD Bump Key Set - 11 Keys

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For nearly 8 years this has been one of our most popular packages as it contains a very good mix covering a wide range of keyways and locks.  If you’re just starting out, this is the set that is most often recommended.

The 11 Key Bump Key Set includes the following:

All products from the 5 Key Bump Key set

  • Kwikset KW1 House bump key – 5 Pin
  • Master M1 Padlock bump key – 4 Pin
  • Schlage SC1 bump key – 5 Pin
  • Schlage SC4 bump key – 6 Pin
  • Kwikset Titan KW10 bump key – 6 Pin

Plus the following keys:

  • Master M10 bump key – 5 Pin
  • Arrow AR1 bump key – 5 Pin
  • Arrow AR4 bump key – 6 Pin
  • Dexter DE6 bump key – 5 Pin
  • Weiser WR5 bump key – 5 Pin
  • Yale Y1 bump key – 5 Pin

While the 11 key set isn’t the biggest set, it is a good upgrade over the smallest set and provides 6 additional keys to provide better coverage.  The majority of the keys in this set are geared toward locks in the North American market.  The Arrow and Yale keys are particularly popular with some of the more trendy (from Home Depot / Lowes) — we have both manufactures covered with this set.

All of the keys in this set come in either nickel plated brass or solid brass. The main purpose of the nickel plating on a key is to make it “look pretty”, please do not believe that seeing a nickel plated key provides strength improvements.  The strength of this set comes in that the majority of the keys in this set are able to be cut by computer controlled code cutting machines.  This precise machinery allows us to guarantee that what you see on our website, will be what you receive shipped to your door.

All orders places are shipped as they come in.  All 11 key sets are in stock and are manufactured, packaged, and shipped from our own shop.  We do not drop ship any of our products.