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Black Ops the best way to learn Hypnosis

Blacks Ops

black ops

Mind control



This site is NOT like all those other hypnosis sites out there.

 Will teach you something different…

This site will teach you the INSANELY controversial and the most EFFECTIVE hypnosis and mind control techniques that have turned the heads of hundreds… People are talking about this one

This is a digital information product

Mind control

Black Ops

This is about using the power of covert hypnosis to convince others around you to give you what you want


Audio training over 8 hours, Broken up into a number of modules

Power techniques to mind control any one any time

  • Dark side hypnosis(27 minutes)
  • The Godfather(46 minutes)
  • The Authority Hijack(50 minutes)
  • The Powerful Empire Man Technique(55 minutes)
  • The Dangerously Effective Dark Shadow Technique(37 minutes)
  • The Hidden Persuaders(1 hour,19 minutes)
  • The Forbidden OCTOBER MAN Sequence(40 minutes)
  • The Lie Detector(1 hour, 10 minutes)


This is advanced mental technology. If you’re looking for “A Beginners Guide To Hypnosis” you won’t find it here.

On this site you’ll find exactly how to mind control anyone you want, any time, any place, and all without them knowing.Just a little taste of what you’ll get in the course

Little talk about fear every human has…How to use it to influence anyone you want

Nine words that let you instantly that control ANY person you like. There MAGIC words