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Apples of Gold JewelryApples Of Gold company has a story and our customers are curious about how Apples of Gold became a main contender in the online jewelry & wedding market. Since shopping with Apples of Gold and getting to know us isn’t quite as simple as walking into a jewelry store and chatting over the glass showcases. We strive to give that personal, relational feel by telling a little of our company’s story and background. As well as being available by either phone or email to answer any questions that you may have.

Apples of Gold Jewelry launched its online presence in 1999. On the premise that traditional jewelers are overpriced. Markups can range anywhere from 200-300%.  Seeing the jewelry prices in high-end retail fine jewelry stores as exorbitant. Apples of Gold dared to believe there was a better way. and on that premise. Apples of Gold was launched!

We vowed not to compromise on quality. we were able to bring a value approach to our  designs without ever compromising  providing  choice. stayed the course at the cost of personal loss. rather than waiving the white flag and opting for something “cheaper”. Our mission was intact: quality jewelry meets value and affordability.

Art Deco Diamond RingAntique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring Set

 now been operating online for over 18 years.

currently have almost 10,000 jewelry items online from diamond engagement rings. These are a must see so many to look at. You have too.