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Can your workout recovery strategy maximize and speed up your results?  Hell yes.  And often, when people don’t recover properly they can get injured and subsequently thrown off their fitness routine.

So, first, let’s celebrate how exciting it is that you are training, showing your body love, and prioritizing your health!  That could not be more awesome.  To be effective with your workouts you also need to prioritize your recovery.  Form isTips for Workout Recovery critical.  I see it everyday in the gym – crappy form.  People bouncing around on the treadmill, pumping their arms, swinging their hips, and even going with the old school heel strike.  No bueno.  So let’s go over the basics:

You can and should breathe in through your mouth and if your nose wants to join in, then great!  Exhale deeply.  Follow the proper breathing rhythm.

Ultimately, conditioning your body for any physical activity takes time and consistency.  Be patient.  Stick with it.  And if you are serious about learning to run, possibly consider a running program.  As mentioned, the 5k program in my app is just one option of many out there.